Unforgettable Moments

Life, to me, is about creating moments.  Great expeditions require months of preparation and can often be summed up into only a handful of memories.  In time, a week-long fishing trip often becomes a couple of prize catches and a single story about the drive to the camp site. Despite the work necessary to create them, we live for those unforgettable moments. In my art, I want to feel that moment.  I aim to portray the whole of an experience in a single image, giving only clues to everything else involved to create exactly the conditions for it to have existed. This is the moment we would do all the work for, again and again.  

In my portfolio, you'll see some of the moments we've all had- where the pay-off for hours and days put into a project lasts only seconds.  But they are the seconds you'll relive over and over in your mind, and in the stories you tell and hear.  Look through my work and you'll see something about me and something about all of us.  The greatest moment of the climb isn't just touching the top of the mountain.  It's the feeling of all that preparation paying you back, knowing it was worth it.  That's what I want to create in my art work.  In an image I want to relive the moment I never want to forget.  I yearn to feel the cold water around my feet, the rough stone I stepped over to get to exactly the right place.  I want to feel the same way I did in that exact moment.

About the Artist

After working for years as a professional artist for RDG with David Dahlquist in ceramic design and creation, and later in metal sculpture for Jim Russell, Jason received his bachelor's degree in art education, so that he could share his passion, skills and experiences with others.  While teaching students to create art and discover their potential as artists, Jason felt more and more compelled to exercise his talents. He's created many orginal pieces of ceramic art to share with friends, family and admirers.